Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

Ok my first edible plant I will be posting is a Fungi called Hen of the Woods also know as Maitake, Now let me tell you I am not a big mushroom fan so if I eat wild mushrooms they got to be pretty good, or I wouldn't waste my time. When I held this mushroom I could feel the good vibration that eminated from it they can get very big up to 40 pounds. Considered a "choice" mushroom I wanted to try this one tonight.

Characteristics: Found at the base of stressed hardwoods and dead stumps, They have a layer of petals that form the mushroom, these originating from a central base.


I separated the different layers of the mushroom into single pieces with a pairing knife, cleaning of any dirt and debris

For my first time experiencing (cooking) these mushrooms I wanted to take the basic approach. Sauteed in a large skillet with olive oil and onions in my case I also gathered some wild leeks in the forest and used them instead of the onions. Now the Hen of the woods takes a good 20 minutes to cook and I could have cooked them longer in my case, but neverless they were good.