Friday, February 09, 2007

The Pear Shaped Puffball Mushroom (Lycoperdon pyriforme)

Another favorite Mushroom of mine this was found in September as most Puffballs are found in the late summer/fall. I tried a recipe i made up, and actully tasted quite good. One thing i would love to do is find out the nutritional value of certain mushrooms.

Characteristics: The Pear Shaped Puffball Mushroom is found on wood, rather than from grassy soil. But while most fungi that produce puffballs feed on organic matter within fertile soil, the pear-shaped puffball's fungus digests wood. The Small stem give the mushroom its pear shape. Like the giant puffballs and its relatives this is edible if you find them early enough, before the white gelba turns yellow then brown. The core should be white to be edible


Clean and inspected mushrooms for dirt and bugs, and cut off stems.

Soak the mushrooms in 2 eggs in a bowl while this is being done, cook 2-3 pieces of bacon in a skillet and when they are done remove, but leave the greese in the pan to cook the mushrooms with. Take the egged soaked shrooms and roll them in bread crumbs then place the shrooms in the pan and cook them up nicely! When they are well cooked and browned, i cut up the bacon pieces and mix with the mushrooms.

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